About Tai Chi and Qigong

Tai Chi, also known as Tai Chi Chuan (Taiji Quan) is a Chinese martial art and exercise system. It is often practiced for its excellent effects on health and wellbeing.

Qigong (Chi Kung) is an umbrella term for many different traditional Chinese exercise systems, some of which date back thousands of years. Many of these exercises are gentle yet powerful and they are adaptable for most people regardless of age and fitness

The documented benefits of these arts include improvement to:

  • balance
  • circulation
  • posture
  • flexibilty
  • strength
  • coordination
  • brain function
  • lung capacity
  • mood
  • sleep
  • mental focus
  • cognitive function

These arts are often described as mindfulness in movement. They are strongly influenced by traditional Chinese and Taoist ideas of Yin and Yang, the interplay of complimentary opposites, softness and flow, as well as contact with the cycles of nature.

They can be highly beneficial to the long term management of conditions such as chronic inflammation, MS, ME and Fibromyalgia. Regular practice can dramatically improve mental health.